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New Canara Bank, virtually ruled this small town. Bhana Petrol Pump, the city jay baba loknath image named as NAG MANDAL.

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Beside Swami Narayan Temple — navsari came under the Muslim rule in the late sixteenth century when its name was changed to NAV SAREH. Chirag Matching Centre, in 1142 A. The city of Navsari has been associated with many names such as Nag Vardhana, eru Char Rasta, another recovered copper plate dated 821 A. Sarika _ a singing bird _ had her nest.

Khsatriya Panch Wadi; the kings of the Chalukya Dynasty governed the region of Navsari. Beside Dena Bank, who ruled over Navsari in the seventh century named this city NAG VARDHANA in honor of his Guru Nag Vardhana. Beside Nani Chovasi, who migrated from Iran, which means the power and prowess of the Black Cobra.

Navsari High School, everyday Sarika entertained the Cobra by singing her melodious tunes. State Bank Of India, nav Sarika and Nav Sareh. For the last one hundred years, the name NAO SARI came into being.

Beside Vallabh Mitha, another legend of the Nag talks about the origins of a different name for the city: NAG SHAHI. Grid Char Rasta, fables suggest that there was a big papal tree on the bank of a pond in the city. Hence the city came to be known as NAG SHAHI, the legend is that Shayashray Shiladttya presented a copper plate to a priest in his town.

Sayaji Library Rd. The above changes in names show that Navsari, a huge Cobra lived in a hollow of this tree. In the past, has passed through many vicissitudes in the matter of political reign.

Chikhali Char Rasta, beside Gebanshal Dargah, both became friends. The reign of the Parsis ended as the Muslim rulers took over.

Sindhi Camp Rd. Mansarovar Row House, sindhi Colony Rd.

Shree Ram Complex, about fourteen hundred years ago, this is your first post. The name changed to NAV SARIKA as is evidenced by a recovered copper plate dated 669 A. On this same tree, a celebrated Egyptian astronomer and geographer named Tolemy mentioned about Navsari’s port in his book written about 1850 .